What Happens In One Hour At GLPA?


There is a lot of awesome learning happening all the time at GLPA.

Have you ever wondered what one hour of learning would look like?

Well, now is your chance to see the variety of learning opportunities happening in JUST ONE HOUR! Reading, writing, maths, DT, music, history, PE, science, computing and MORE!

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Can You Guess The Year Group?


I love the Awesome Award we give out to children who do awesome things, particularly when it comes to their school work. The children have been working particularly hard in reading, writing and maths and to see their beaming faces sharing their work with pride really makes my day!

Last week was another great week for children and their academic achievements. The Year 6 children had been working hard to prepare for their national tests and they went into them with a positive attitude. One afternoon, I had a child visit me with an exceptionally well written piece of work. We were so impressed, that we decided to type it out here exactly as it was written and for you to make a guess on what year group you think this child may be in this year.

Lesson Objective: To include a personal opinion in a character profile

This is the Gruffalo. He is a mysterious creacher. He lives in a hollo tree. I’m grad I don’t.


He has brown fur that is as brown as a muddle pudel. Amazingly he has purple prickles all over his back. The Gruffalo has a horre gren wort on the end of his nose. He has huge orange eyes that glow in the darck. Mine don’t glow. He has a tail that blows around when he is happy however his tail droops when he is sad! It got nobbly nees that is as grey as grey pants. Then he has those horrible theeth that crunch and grit and snap! I would be terrified. He has clors that are as sharp like raisor! I wouldn’t like to shake his hand! Well wouldn’t you? He has a black tung.


The Gruffalo is cowardly because he is scared of a mouse. He is mean because he wants to eat.

So, what did you like about this character profile and what year group do you think the author is currently a member?

All will be revealed after half-term!