Studies already conducted in childhood mindfulness have revealed numerous positive benefits.  The most promising benefits include:

  • Stress relief
  • Restlessness relief
  • Mental focus
  • Discover life balance
  • Deepen social skills
  • Develop math skills
  • Better sleep
  • More self-esteem
  • Emotion control
  • Improved decision-making skills

GLPA believes that the development of Mindfulness is an important life long skill that can be developed at school and at home.

During the Spring Term, Action Research is being undertaken in five classes across the academy that has included teacher and parent training. Impact has already been seen just in the last few weeks which has strengthen our belief in developing the life long skill of mindfulness.

We have a page dedicated to supporting parents in developing mindfulness at home here: Parental Support-Mindfulness

If you have any questions or would like any support, please contact the academy office and we will be more than happy to help.



What Happens In One Hour At GLPA?


There is a lot of awesome learning happening all the time at GLPA.

Have you ever wondered what one hour of learning would look like?

Well, now is your chance to see the variety of learning opportunities happening in JUST ONE HOUR! Reading, writing, maths, DT, music, history, PE, science, computing and MORE!

Watch our video to see for yourself!


Year 6 Residential 2015


The week of 9th to 13th November was a week to remember for the Year 6 class!  They have been waiting for this week for a long time; a week of adventure!

The action packed week had the children facing fears, being brave, supporting one another and being independent. They were able to try out lots of outdoor pursuits that included abseiling, climbing walls, 3-D swings, jungle vines, night lines, bonfires and MORE!

Here are a few pictures.  However, to see more, go to our Twitter account @Green_Lane_PA and scroll through our day by day account of what the children were able to encounter!




Celebrating British Values


British values are an integral part of the GLPA curriculum.  Every day, good British values are modelled not only by the staff but also by the children.

We agree that the main values we hold dear are:

Democracy     Individual Liberty     Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs     Rule of Law     Mutual Respect

However, this week, we have decided to celebrate these values, look more at people who promote those values and participate actively in those values.

There are special activities happening across the academy and by the end of the week, you can see what has happened in each class on their blogs.

As an academy, we agreed that we were going to do the following as well:

Academy Council Elections- The children will nominate, prepare speeches and vote on their class representatives.  This is democracy in action!


Inspirational British Citizens across history!  This is exciting and we are learning about everyone from Mr Tumble to Stephen Hawkings!

Y1 Mo Farah

GLPA is a very charitable academy.  So, a good, old fashioned Harvest Festival where we collect food and non-perishables is another important part of the week.  All items donated will go to the needy in the community!


By practicing good British values, we become skilled in ensuring readiness to play a positive role in their community.

Summer Challenge 2015!

Another AWESOME year has come to an end! It has been filled with lots of amazing memories and achievements. Special thanks go to all of the supportive parents, hard working and dedicated staff and ambitious children.

There are some great summer challenges set in both English and Maths. Downloadable PDF documents of the challenges can be found at www.glpa.org.uk.

Please support your children in completing these challenges so that it helps them hit the ground running in September.

We would all like to wish everyone a relaxing and fun summer break!

The academy reopens on Monday 7th September.
See you in September!

Summer Maths Challenge 1

Summer Maths Challenge 2

Summer Writing Challenge

Busy Half-term!

This has been a very busy half-term! There have been lots of things happening across the academy.

First, we had author of the Fabulous Four Fish Fingers visit us and show us some writing techniques!

Then, KS2 children put on an AMAZING performance called Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

We always cross our fingers for good weather when it comes to our Sports’ Days! This year we had beautiful weather and the children showed beautiful sportsmanship and resilience. Well done children!

In other events, this half-term, there has been a group of children spending one afternoon a week at DeLacy Academy working with poet, Conrad Burdekin, and other children from across six other SPTA academies. They created their own poetry while also learning how to perform. The culmination event had a special guest, Sir Paul Edwards, CEO of SPTA.


The Garforth Arts Festival has been running for 11 years and GLPA has always participated. This year was no exception with there being representation by the GLPA Samba band, GLPA choir and knitting club helping to Pom Pom the festival!

samba1 choir


finally, along with the sporting success that included the GLPA Cricket team making it to Yorkshire County Finals and the KS1 Football team winning the Garforth tournament, the GLPA team won the Garforth Schools Sports’ Day as well! Well done to everyone involved!

There are still lots more to happen with the last week of school! This evening is the Summer Fair and next week sees us saying Good Bye to our Year 6 children! It will be an emotional week!

An Amazing Week!

The days at GLPA are always busy! The children have been working extra hard in all subject areas and really thinking about what they are learning. Many have done EXTRA work at home and use some great online programmes like Oddizzi.

In addition to the normal daily learning, there has been many other things happening.

The GLPA Skipping Team competed in the Garforth Schools Skipping Competition. They did an outstanding job with lots of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winners. Congratulations team and thank you to Mrs Blackwell for training the team.


In EYFS, there were baby chicks born! The children have been learning about the life cycle and have been incubating chicken eggs. It was all very exciting to watch the chicks peck their way out of the eggs. Now, they are living a happy life out in the sunshine being cared for by a member of the GLPA staff.


The Cross Country completed their season successfully and Mr Heap, the coach, was very pleased to give out awards to the team for their tremendous effort.







Hazel Class have been participating in a Go Givers Project. Go Givers is a cross-curricular PSHE and citizenship programme for primary schools. It’s purpose is to raise standards across the curriculum by stimulating children’s imaginations, developing empathy and providing opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving. (http://www.gogivers.org/) The class decided their project would be to work with the elderly through the Garforth Neighbourhood Elders Team (NET). They have been knitting, chatting, calling and helping create a sensory garden. You can read all about it in Hazel’s class blog (http://hazel1.primaryblogger.co.uk/2015/04/29/care-in-the-community/). To find out more about Garforth NET, have a look at their website, http://netgarforth.org/ .


Children at GLPA LOVE to read! Some Year 5 children had the opportunity to participate in the Leeds Book Awards (http://www.leedsbookawards.co.uk/2015/). They read many books and voted on the ones they enjoyed the most and then went to the awards ceremony. You can read more about this event on the Birch class blog, http://birch.primaryblogger.co.uk/. They enjoyed hearing from and meeting the authors.




Thursday saw nice sunny skies and the annual Maypole Dance done by the KS1 children. GLPA is proud to be continuing this old tradition on our academy grounds. It was a real festive spirit with family and friends joining us on lawn chairs and picnic blankets to celebrate Spring! Watch our video to see what we did.

Finally, on Friday, Oak class showed off their recorder skills! They have been learning as a class all year long and have done an amazing job! Have a little listen.




So, you can see it has been a very busy week! We hope everyone has a FANTASTIC half-term!

Can You Guess The Year Group?


I love the Awesome Award we give out to children who do awesome things, particularly when it comes to their school work. The children have been working particularly hard in reading, writing and maths and to see their beaming faces sharing their work with pride really makes my day!

Last week was another great week for children and their academic achievements. The Year 6 children had been working hard to prepare for their national tests and they went into them with a positive attitude. One afternoon, I had a child visit me with an exceptionally well written piece of work. We were so impressed, that we decided to type it out here exactly as it was written and for you to make a guess on what year group you think this child may be in this year.

Lesson Objective: To include a personal opinion in a character profile

This is the Gruffalo. He is a mysterious creacher. He lives in a hollo tree. I’m grad I don’t.


He has brown fur that is as brown as a muddle pudel. Amazingly he has purple prickles all over his back. The Gruffalo has a horre gren wort on the end of his nose. He has huge orange eyes that glow in the darck. Mine don’t glow. He has a tail that blows around when he is happy however his tail droops when he is sad! It got nobbly nees that is as grey as grey pants. Then he has those horrible theeth that crunch and grit and snap! I would be terrified. He has clors that are as sharp like raisor! I wouldn’t like to shake his hand! Well wouldn’t you? He has a black tung.


The Gruffalo is cowardly because he is scared of a mouse. He is mean because he wants to eat.

So, what did you like about this character profile and what year group do you think the author is currently a member?

All will be revealed after half-term!

Year 4 Residential 2015


During the week of 4th May, the Year 4 class will be embarking on an adventure, their first residential! They are all very excited and ready to explore the English countryside and learn more about English history.

You can follow what the children have been up to via twitter @Green_Lane_PA or via this blog. Twitter will be updated in real time as information about their activities are sent to the academy. The blog will be updated on an evening.


Wednesday 6th May 2015

The day started bright and early with Year 4 children and parents arriving for 8 am in order to get sorted for the three days ahead. The children were excited and the parents anxious.





The first stop was Angel of the North. They all look so small compared to the massive sculpture!





The Roman Army Museum was just down the road. It was back to lessons for them in the Roman classroom where a hologram of a Roman soldier tried to teach them Latin! Then, in true British tradition, a picnic in the rain! They weren’t bothered! They were having too much fun!





Vindolanda was next on the agenda. So, after their picnic, they packed up and headed out!

They had a fantastic time visiting the ruins, talking to archaeologists and tiring out the staff!









It has been a long day. But, it is not finished. Time to head to the youth hostel. There is unpacking to do, beds to be made and tea to be had. There is a coach load of tired people!

Today’s adventures in a video.

Beds are made, showers taken, PJ’s on and dinner has been had. A few activities and then bedtime at 8 pm. Well, maybe!





Thursday 7th May 2015

It has been another busy day on the Year 4 Residential. At 7 am, everyone got moving, dressed and beds made! As one parent said, “Who is that child and what have you done with my son?!” The children enjoyed their breakfast and got busy with a whole list of activities that included diary writing, postcards, art, Roman Soldier training, jewellery making and more! The children are enjoying their time and, with the sun shining, they are making many amazing memories!

Here is Part 1 of Day 2. (Individual photos can be found on our Twitter feed, @Green_Lane_PA )