The Awesomeness Continues…

The 2015-2016 academic year has had a fantastic start! Everyone had a wonderful summer holiday and now have settled into a new year.
After an awesome year last year, we decided that we needed the awesomeness to continue! Last year, the Board of Awesomeness became completely full with the awesome work children had done. But, we know that the children have even more to show! So, we decided that our challenge this year our Board of Awesomeness would be TWICE as big!


It is a BIG challenge! But, the children of GLPA are ready to take the world by storm and fill it up to overflowing! They quickly got to earning the Awesome Awards! Have a look at what we have had so far!

Harry has been really challenging himself in maths!

Maths is also a awesome subject for Jake!

Keira has been doing some amazing writing in RE!

Sam’s behaviour for learning has been perfect!

Charlie has been a great role model and keeping other children safe!
Ethan, Katie, Lewis and Emma have been working cooperatively to write and perform a poem using Makaton!

Well done to everyone!

This is going to be an AWESOME YEAR!